Charges for wheeled bins

As from 1 April 2012 charges have been introduced for supplying wheeled bins to domestic properties.

Due to the current financial situation, the council is under increased pressure to save money. The charges we have introduced will solely cover the cost of the bins and their delivery. This applies both to new properties and for replacement bins.  

See our current fees and charges for current prices.

The exception to this is where our crews have damaged your bin or if your bin has been stolen.

If your bin has been stolen you should report this to the police and ask for an incident number.  We can then arrange to deliver a replacement bin free of charge.  We can however, only allow one bin to be replaced for free in a three year period.

If your bin was damaged by our crew beyond repair, you will receive a letter notifying you of this and to advise that a replacement bin has been ordered for you.

Extra green bins are also available for an annual charge.  See our current fees and charges.

To order new and replacement bins please complete:

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Each household is only entitled to one black refuse bin