Report a missed bin collection

Report a missed collection of refuse bins, bags or trade waste.

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Tagged and rejected bins

The most common reason for non-collection of blue and purple lidded bins is contamination (when unacceptable items are in your bins). If this is the case your bin will have been tagged to inform you of the contaminated items and our records will reflect this. Please check if your bin has been tagged before reporting a missed bin.

Where our records show that your bin has been tagged, we are unable to return to empty your bin until your next scheduled date.  Please make sure any unacceptable items have been removed. Your local Household Waste Recycling Centre can be used for waste disposal in the meantime where required.

If your bin has not been tagged and does not contain any unacceptable items, please continue to report the missed collection.

Collection schedule

Your black refuse bin will be emptied one week and the following week will either be your blue recycling bin or your purple-lidded bin for paper and cardboard, please visit our Find your bin collection day page for all your collection dates.

For those who subscribe to the service, green garden waste bins are emptied every other week, from March to November.

Wheeled bins or sacks should be placed at the boundary of your property by 7am on your collection day, and no earlier than 7pm evening before collection.

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