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Garden Waste frequently asked questions

A list of frequently asked questions about our garden waste collection service

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Why does the council charge for garden waste collections?

The UK Government has cut funding to all local councils including West Lindsey District Council, resulting in tough choices having to be made including charging for collecting garden waste. Many of our neighbouring councils and more than half of the councils in the UK now charge for the kerbside collection of garden waste.

Don't I already pay for a garden waste collection through my council tax?

Council Tax contributes towards the cost of running council services but changes to government funding means that we can no longer afford to offer this service free of charge.

When do I have to pay by?

You are welcome to join the scheme at any time of the year, but you will still be asked to pay the full amount of £44. Subscribe before 4 March 2024 to ensure you are registered in time for your first collection.

Can I have more than one bin and are additional bins charged at the same rate?

Yes, properties are able to have more than one garden waste bin. As long as there is suitable storage and a suitable collection point then there is no limit on the number of bins customers can have. Each additional bin is charged at the same rate as the first bin.

How will you know if I have paid for the service?

When you pay to receive a garden waste collection you will be sent a garden waste sticker to place on your bin. This will identify that you have paid for the year. Crews will also have information inside their cabs to identify who has paid.

Can residents share a bin?

Yes, you will be able to share your bin with a neighbour if you wish. The bin will be charged to one resident and will be collected from that property only.

I don't currently have a bin, can I still sign up for the service?

Yes, you can sign up and pay for the service at any time. Once you have paid for the service the council will arrange for the delivery of a garden waste bin. The usual council delivery charge will apply to all new bins.

Can I put my garden waste in bags in my green bin?

No, please put all materials in the green bin loose or your bin will not get emptied.

Can I put soil or rubble in the green bin?

No, these materials interfere with the composting process.

Can I put diseased plants in the green bin?

No, it is vital that the garden waste intended for composting is kept disease free.

Can I put newspapers at the bottom of my green bin?

No, newspapers interfere with the composting process.

Are there any weeds which I can’t put in my green bin?

Yes, Japanese Knotweed should not be placed in your green bin. This is a highly invasive weed which can cause structural damage to buildings and waterways can become choked. The Environment Agency recommend that it should be destroyed by burning it.

Why can’t I put vegetable peelings in my green bin?

Due to Animal By Product Regulations, we are unable to accept anything other than garden waste in your green bin. This is because all the garden waste we collect is sent to windrow composting sites (open air sites) and any waste from your kitchen may be contaminated with meat products which means that there is the possibility that this could result in the spread of diseases such as BSE.

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Alternatives to paying for garden waste collection

Can I use a home composter?

This is a good alternative to paying for a collection or taking garden waste to your local household waste recycling centre. You will also produce great compost to use at home. These are available from Get Composting or by phoning 0800 316 4454, quoting LWP10L.

Can I take garden waste to my local household waste recycling centre?

Yes, you will still be able to continue to take your garden waste to any of Lincolnshire County Council's household waste recycling centres free of charge.

What happens if I can't get to a household waste recycling centre?

You could investigate the possibility of sharing a bin with a neighbour or the council offers compost bins which are available as a subsidised rate.This is a good alternative to taking garden waste to the household recycling centre. You will also create great compost to use at home. These are available at or by phoning 0800 316 4454, quoting LWP10L.

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Is there help for residents without the means to pay for a bin, or who are in receipt of benefits?

The service is designed to be fairer than the current system so that only those that require the service will fund it, rather than everyone pay for it through their Council Tax. Following an equality impact assessment, in which we took into account your feedback and our analysis of the consultation results, we decided not to offer concessions. This reduces wasteful administration costs and helps keep the price of the service down - making it more affordable for all.

I won't, or don't, put my bin out every fortnight, can I have a discount?

No. The collection crews will visit your property regardless of whether you put your bin out for collection. You could talk to your neighbours about the possibility of sharing the cost and a bin.

What will happen if I pay for the service but my bin gets stolen?

If your bin is stolen then it will be replaced in line with existing policies.

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Bins and collections

Will you take extra garden waste placed beside the bin?

No, the current service will be maintained and all garden waste must be contained within the bin with the bin lid closed. However, customers are able to subscribe to additional bins should there be a need.

Will I have to pay to replace my broken or lost garden waste bins?

Just as is the case now, we will replace or repair bins which have been damaged or lost by the council. Where the damage is deliberate or negligent then a charge for the replacement may be made.

If I move house, will I be able to take my garden waste bin with me?

If you move within West Lindsey, we will transfer your contract to your new property where your service will continue. Just let us know if you are moving house so that we can alter our records and issue your new subscription sticker.

When you move house, all bins should be left at the property. This will ensure that the bin is available to for the new occupier to continue with their subscription if they wish.

If you are moving outside of West Lindsey or would like to cancel your contract, you can do so, but will not be entitled to a refund.

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Extra information

Have you considered the environmental impact of more people driving to the household waste recycling centres?

Yes. However we hope that many residents will recognise the benefits of the kerbside collection and choose to pay the £44 annual charge rather than use the household waste recycling centres.

Is it legal to charge for garden waste collections?

Yes. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, and the Controlled Waste Regulations (England and Wales) 2012, councils can charge for the collection of garden waste. Charging for the collection of garden waste will bring West Lindsey District Council in line with many neighbouring councils who already have a charged service.

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