Cost of Living Support

Household bill support (water, energy, broadband)


Social Tariffs

Switching provider or accessing discounted social tariffs can help households save money. Ofcom are raising awareness of social tariffs from broadband and phone packages to how people can access them.

Water social tariffs

Anglian Water offer tariffs for low-income households with up to 50% discount on water and sewage charges.

Residents should call the Extra Care Team on 0800 232 1963 and see if they are able to switch tariff or find if there are other ways Anglian Water can help with bills.

Severn Trent provide the service for sewage collection in parts of West Lindsey, you will already be aware if you pay them separately to Anglian Water. Please visit Severn Trent Water's help pages for further assistance.

Broadband social tariffs

The cost-of-living crisis is having a horrific impact on the UK and forcing many households into poverty, including those that would have previously been considered secure. But the good news is that a growing number of home broadband ISPs and mobile operators have launched a range of cheaper social tariffs.

Thanks in part to pressure from a number of MPs, the government, various consumer groups and industry regulator Ofcom more telecoms providers are starting to introduce social tariffs, as well as enhancing existing options and improving the promotion of such services. As a result, the list of providers with social tariffs has grown, and they’re now much more attractive.

We have examples of tariffs that some main service providers are offering, as well as their contract agreements. All of the following packages also come with unlimited usage, free installation, and a router. But you may need to return the router if you cease being eligible, unless you upgrade to a different package with the same ISP. There are other service providers that are part of the social energy scheme, and these can be approached to enquire what they can offer.

BT – Home Essentials
BT's Home Essentials social tariffs
Monthly price Speed (Download and Upload) Setup fee Contract length
£15 36Mps download and 10Mbps upload £9.99 12 months
£20 67Mbps download and 20Mbs upload £9.99 12 months

Eligibility requirements, must be on any of the following:

  • Universal Credit (all claimants)
  • Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit)
  • Employment and Support Allowance
  • Jobseeker Allowance and Income Support

Network availability: Available nationally via Openreach's broadband network.

You can also take a call-only plan for £10 a month.

Sky Broadband – Sky Basics
Sky Broadband's Sky Basics social tariffs
Monthly price Speed (Download and Upload) Setup fee Contract length
£20 36Mps download and 8.5Mbps upload No setup fee 18 months

Eligibility requirements: Must be on one of either Universal Credit or Pension Credit and be named on the Universal or Pension Credit monthly statement.

Network availability: Available nationally via Openreach's broadband network

Includes pay as you go calls and a free Sky Mobile tariff with 3GB of data and unlimited calls and texts. Sky states that you must be an existing Sky Broadband customers to take this plan.

Virgin Media – Essential Broadband
Virgin Media's Essential Broadband social tariffs
Monthly price Speed (Download and Upload) Setup fee Contract length
£12.50 15Mps download and 2Mbps upload No setup fee 1 month
£20 50Mbps download and 5Mbs upload No setup fee 1 month

Eligibility Requirements, available to existing customers who receive any of:

  • Universal Credit
  • Pension Credit
  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Income-based Employment Support Allowance

Network availability: National availability to over half of all UK premises, mostly in urban areas.

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Green and Sustainable Living

There are a number of project and grants schemes available for boiler upgrades and home upgrades.

For further information and advice please see our Energy efficiency pages.

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Energy saving tips

Find out what actions you can take to get ready for winter and save money on your energy bills.

The government’s It All Adds Up campaign highlights no and low cost actions that help to cut down on energy usage and bills this winter.

Compare the Market has compiled a list of practical energy saving tips that may help cut back on the energy you use.

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Struggling to pay your energy bills?

There are things you can do if you owe money or are struggling to pay your energy bills:

  • avoid ignoring bills or letters about money you owe
  • speak to the organisations you owe money to about a payment plan – they might let you pay smaller amounts, take a break from payments or give you more time to pay
  • each organisation is different, so it’s important to check what help you may be entitled to

You can also check if you are eligible for grants and schemes:

  • Lightning Reach – Grants – helping people facing financial hardship
  • Energy Trusts:
    • British Gas – British Gas Energy Trust
    • EDF – The energy bills support scheme

The government has set out what funding will be available to support households. Full and updated details can be found at GOV.UK's energy bills support factsheet page

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