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Council Services:

Change in circumstances

It is very important that any Council Tax Support and/or Housing Benefit paid to you or your landlord are worked out on your current family and financial circumstances. If things change after your first claim we do not know unless you tell us.

Tell us if your income or savings change, you move house, the number of people in your home changes or your rent changes. We need to know as soon as possible. Please phone 01427 676565 or email

If you do not know if a change in your circumstances will affect your claim please talk to us.

It is the responsibility of the person claiming the Council Tax Support and/or Housing Benefit to tell us of any change in circumstance that could affect their claim.

If a landlord receives the money direct, they are also responsible for telling us of any change in circumstance that they are aware of for example a tenant vacating.

This can prevent too much Council Tax Support and/or Housing Benefit being paid out which you then have to pay back or it could prevent a delay in awarding more benefits.

Changes in the income of people who live with you

Money received by other people who are living in your home affects the amount of Council Tax Support and/or Housing Benefit you are entitled to. If their income changes you should tell us straight away. This may be that they have started to receive an additional benefit such as Personal Independence Payments or they have started work or finished work or had a pay increase.
For more information about how other household member’s income who live with you affects your entitlement please go to non-dependents (this does not include the income received by your partner).

Changes in your home

The number of people in your home affects how much benefit you are entitled to. If the number of people living with you changes you need to tell us about this change. For example:

  • Someone has a baby
  • A partner comes to live with you
  • A partner leaves

If you or your partner leaves the household, then a new application form should be completed by the person remaining in the home. It will be likely that your income will have changed and details and proof of your new income will be required.

If a non-dependant (an adult living in the property who is not financially dependent on you) or a dependant leaves the household, you need to contact us to let us know what date they left and their forwarding address. This is also the case if a lodger, tenant, sub-tenant or carer leaves.

We may not be able to remove someone from an address without details of their forwarding address and if you are unable to provide a forwarding address we will ask you the reasons for this.

Changes to the money you get

The amount of Council Tax Support and/or Housing Benefit or you are entitled to depends on the money you receive as an income and any savings or capital (shares, Income Bonds, Premium Bonds, Investments) you have.

If your money or your partner’s money increases or decreases we need to know. For example:

  • You start or stop getting Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance, or Pension Credit
  • You start or stop getting Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit or the amount you get changes
  • The amount of savings or capital you have changes

Do not rely on the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) to tell us, it is your responsibility to tell us.

Moving house or temporarily living away

Council Tax Support and/or Housing Benefit is paid when an eligible person has a liability to pay rent and Council Tax, and are living in a property.

If you have moved out of the property we need to know as soon as possible.

If you are temporarily living away from your home for example caring for a sick relative or you are in hospital, please let us know. Benefit can be paid for a limited period if you are temporarily absent provided you intend to return to the property.

If you are moving within the West Lindsey district and you are currently in receipt of benefits and you still wish to claim you need to tell us that you have moved.

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Last updated: 6 July 2015

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